Life Friendly Residency - Jessica Mautner

Jessica Mautner - Life Friendly Project


For the life friendly residency Jessica plans to explore the benign potential of "slow". Through this she aims to open up a dialogue about giving ourselves, our projects and others space the time to germinate and grow organically, especially in the context of city living.

The project is inspired by Chinese "thousand-year-old eggs": exploring this idea mainly through cooking, as a counterpoint to 'fast food'. It is important for Jessica to focus on basics - make suggestions and models that are available to anyone in society, using low cost and easily found ingredients and simple kitchen utensils, and cheap low-carbon cooking methods.

Jessica points out that "this isn't about health, or about how the ingredients are grown or supplied this time, but much closer to home, more about making something that requires regular attention and nurture but also does a lot of activity and development on its own. For me personally as an artist it is a proposed solution to the problem of having little paid time to make work but wanting to reach beyond fast/instantaneous production in art to make something more considered and gradual in what feels like a more natural process. This is an area I am particularly interested in/struggling with in my practice at the moment and seems very apt for the life-friendly topic".

This project will coincide with the Slow Art Day on Saturday 28 April, where the public will be able to see what foods-in-progress are being created.

Jessica will also be inviting the other residents and also visitors to draw what  some of these slow  foods might look like!

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