Life Friendly Residency - Maya Chowdhry

Without Seeds
Sat 28 Apr, Wed 2 May, Sat 5 May
Inspired by the land plants, such as moss, which were abundant on our residential in Kentmere, Maya will be exploring the energy and power contained within seeds and the threat Terminator Seeds pose to life on earth. She will recycle words from Erinma Ochu’s ‘Small Things’ and grow them into a seed haiku.

Further explorations of Maya’s work are and

Friday 26 April

Today i collected the small things from Erinma Ochu's Small Changes project in the Artist's studio. You can view more on her @erinmaochu twitter feed. I also used words from 
#smallthings on Friday night. Not many of these words ended up in the haiku (short Japanese poetic form) as people seemed to be preoccupied with coat hangers, dentists and shampoo, and i set out to write about how life friendly seeds are! Still the #smallthings is definitely about life friendly stuff.

Words borrowed from 'small things' in the artist studio:

thinking of summers in denmark sunshine blue sky cornfields listening to Beethovrn’s Sonata while looking out the train window rolling hills of England on the last day of install we always have pizza getting a friendly bus driver a smile can go a long way to making you have a better day and I always say thank you especially when they aren’t greeting visitors on arrival and thanking them as they leave is a really important part of being on the desk at CAC it makes a real difference to how people feel about their visit having children come into the building to see the work and the residency space flowers stones waterdrops sitting in the courtyard to have my lunch to hear laughter lifts my spirit a smile

These are words i took from the #smallthings twitter feed tonight: love pleased air smells simple pleasures counting swimming pretty outside day cold drink freckles lilies conversation scar crumble already tickled cake waking up blessing matter ahead chocolate lifted tears moment reason post realised figure reading curious name world orchid years Zeroed station break stretch shampoo street key falling feather adjustment delivery crease negate swing raw fabric

Finally about midnight (is this life friendly or not?) i wove the words into a haiku. The poem will be revealed tomorrow (as part of Slow Art Day)

Saturday 28 April
Today i sowed cress seeds on blotting paper, one word at a time, revealing the poem slowly as an echo of slow art day. It was a long process and i spent the time pondering 'Life Friendly' art. I left them to germinate for 48 hours.
here are the words:

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